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Japanese car photos 2005 ACURA NSX

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Acura NSX

The NSX supercar exemplifies the precision crafted performance that lies at the heart of every Acura vehicle. Developed out of years of racing experience, the NSX sets the benchmark for Acura, combining world-class performance and styling with exceptional drivability and refinement.

"The NSX is the benchmark to which we compare all our other models in terms of performance and quality," said Dick Colliver, executive vice president, auto sales. "Our lineup is stronger than it has ever been and the NSX is a crucial component of that lineup. To many of our customers, it's an icon of our brand."

The NSX offers two distinct, mid-ship mounted powertrains. The first is a lightweight, all-aluminum 3.2 liter, DOHC, 24-valve, 90-degree V-6 engine coupled with a 6-speed, close-ratio manual transmission producing 290 horsepower and 224 lb-ft of torque. The second is a 3.0-liter DOHC, 24-valve V-6 engine with a 4-speed Sequential SportShift automatic transmission that generates 252 horsepower and 210 lb.-ft. of torque.

Both NSX engines are equipped with Acura's patented Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC(TM) ), a Variable Volume Induction System, direct ignition and a computerized Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system pioneered in Formula One racing. The NSX engine also features titanium connecting rods, which are stronger and lighter than comparable steel connecting rods.

To complement these innovative powertrains, the NSX chassis features an all-aluminum unit body construction that is 40 percent lighter, yet has the rigidity of a steel structure. The 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension features aluminum-alloy control arms and hub carriers that minimize unsprung weight and provide optimum handling. The suspension also features aluminum subframes for the front and rear suspension to further reduce weight. Forged-aluminum alloy wheels reduce unsprung weight while super high performance tires - 215/40 R17 in front and 255/40 R17 in the rear - provide maximum traction and handling.

The NSX's braking system features large-diameter, ventilated four-wheel discs and an advanced 4-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for confident braking. A sophisticated Traction Control System (TCS) helps limit wheel-spin and enhances control.

The 2005 NSX features a removable roof panel for open-air driving. A sculpted, wedge-shaped body and forward canopy design clearly communicate the car's high performance personality. Additional features include a body integrated rear spoiler and airfoil, power operated sideview mirrors and Xenon High-Intensity Discharge projector-beam headlights.

The NSX comes in seven exterior colors, which can be ordered with a matching or complementary interior color.

Inside, the hand-stitched, leather-trimmed interior of the NSX is designed to evoke the image of a jet fighter cockpit, providing excellent visibility, easy-to-read instrumentation and supportive, power operated seats. As with all Acura models, the NSX comes with a long list of standard equipment and comfort and convenience features including an Automatic Climate Control System, a keyless entry system, power windows and door locks, cruise control and a theft deterrent system with electronic immobilizer. The premium Acura/Bose(R) Music System is equipped with a trunk-mounted 6-Disc CD changer.

Advanced safety features include a supplemental airbag restraint system (SRS) and 3-point seat belts with automatic pretensioners. Substantial front and rear crumple zones are designed to distribute impact energy around the passenger compartment in the event of a collision, while large side-sill extensions and sturdy support beams in each door help protect the cabin from side impact forces.

The 2005 NSX is covered by a comprehensive 4-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. Additional ownership benefits include Acura Total Luxury Care (TLC), which provides free 24-hour roadside assistance, concierge service and trip routing.

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Japanese car photos, ACURA  pictures, wallpapers

2013 TOYOTA Yaris Hybrid Japanese car photos

2013 TOYOTA Yaris Hybrid
Japanese car photos, TOYOTA pictures, wallpapers
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2013 TOYOTA Yaris Hybrid

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid will make its world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It combines the ingenious packaging and urban agility of the Yaris model range with the unique driving experience and efficiency of Toyota's full hybrid powertrain, Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD). The new Toyota Yaris Hybrid launch marks a new, major step in the company's full hybrid roll-out strategy to Toyota core models in Europe.

The Yaris is Toyota's best-selling core model, with the largest 'Unit in Operation' fleet on European roads. Following the launch of the Auris Hybrid back in 2010, the Yaris Hybrid is Toyota's second core model to feature Full Hybrid technology, and brings this remarkable powertrain to the biggest volume segment in Europe.

The new flagship of the Yaris model range, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid features an exclusive, aerodynamically efficient exterior design. Featuring the new design face of the Toyota brand, it combines a new, more assertive Under Priority trapezoid opening frontal design element with the Keen Look design implemented on the front lamps.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid features the first downsizing of Toyota's HSD powertrain. Combining a new, 1.5 litre petrol engine with a lighter, more compact electric motor, transaxle, inverter and battery pack, the new system is 20% lighter than that of an Auris Hybrid.

Thanks to the reduction in size of every key HSD component and both fuel tank and battery installed under the rear seat, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid features an identical occupant space and the same 286 litre luggage capacity to that of the conventional models.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid's highly efficient, 74 kW/100 DIN hp powertrain will offer a leading balance of performance and CO2 emissions in the B-segment, whilst allowing customers to frequently drive in modes that emit zero NOx, PM and CO2 emissions.

With air conditioning and automatic transmission installed as standard, this high level of efficiency does not mean that customers have to compromise on comfort to achieve class-leading emissions.

Combining striking design, urban agility, functionality and segment-best packaging with the innovation, efficiency and environmental credentials of Toyota's full hybrid technology, it represents the most advanced Yaris yet by Toyota.

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Japanese car photos, TOYOTA pictures, wallpapers

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2005 ACURA MDX Japanese car photos, insurance Information

Japanese car photos, ACURA pictures, wallpapers
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Acura MDX


The 2001 Acura MDX(TM) was launched in 2000 to define a new era in the evolution of luxury sport utility vehicles, treading beyond the limits of existing SUVs in terms of handling, packaging efficiency and environmental impact. It was developed with the overriding goal of setting new benchmarks for luxury SUV performance. That performance goal applies to the three main themes of the development concept; to establish new performance benchmarks in the SUV category for versatility, responsibility and dynamic performance. As the development process progressed, an additional development goal was added - furnishing the vehicle with an array of cutting edge features that effectively "defeat winter" for its driver and passengers - limiting the harsh effects of the cold winter months on MDX occupants.

After a stellar first year, in which the MDX established itself as the #1 SUV by capturing both the Motor Trend Sport Utility of the Year and the North American Truck of the Year awards, Acura set out to make it even better, increasing its already formidable performance and further refining the MDX inside and out. For 2003, a new engine boosted horsepower from 240 to 260, a new 5-speed automatic transmission was added and the chassis and suspension were enhanced to take advantage of the additional power. A new drive-by-wire throttle system was included and the state-of-the art VTM-4(R) four-wheel drive system was revised to provide enhanced vehicle control during acceleration, cornering and braking.

The 2004 model year MDX received exterior styling enhancements that gave ita muscular, performance-oriented look representative of its impressive powertrain. For 2005, Acura turns its attention to updating the MDX interior with the latest technologies and enhanced safety. To that end, XM(R) Satellite Radio is now standard on all models. The optional Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition(TM) has been enhanced to provide a quicker response time, additional voice recognition commands, more points of interest and access to the ZAGAT restaurant guide. MDX models equipped with the navigation system will also receive the OnStar system. In addition, the HandsFreeLink(TM) wireless phone interface, which allows hands-free dialing to restaurants and other points of interest, is now included in the Touring Package. Models equipped with the optional Rear Entertainment System also come equipped with a 6 disc, in-dash CD player, compared to an underseat6 disk player on the 2004 model.

Chassis enhancements for 2005 include an improved Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA(R)) system and Brake Assist, which helps drivers apply full braking pressure in an accident avoidance situation.. Three new exterior colors are added: Desert Rock Metallic, Billet Silver metallic and Steel Blue Metallic. A larger, redesigned gas tank, increases capacity by over one gallon, and extends driving range while at the same time helping the MDX meet LEV-2 Evaporative emissions requirements.

For 2005, significant changes to the MDX include:

    * Standard XM Satellite Radio
    * Acura HandsFreeLink Bluetooth wireless phone interface included in optional Touring Package
    * OnStar on all models equipped with navigation system
    * Larger fuel tank
    * In-Dash 6 Disc CD player on models equipped with Rear Entertainment System
    * Enhanced Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system
    * Enhanced navigation system
          o Quicker response time
          o Additional voice recognition commands
          o More points of interest
          o ZAGAT Guide
    * LEV-2 ULEV emissions system
    * 3 new exterior colors including Desert Rock Metallic, Billet Silver Metallic and Steel Blue Metallic


Outstanding performance has always been a fundamental Acura character trait. The development of Acura's first in-house designed and engineered SUV presented the opportunity for the engineers to sidestep the shortcomings of products already on the market and begin with a fresh approach to the SUV equation. That approach was to create the first no-compromise SUV - melding attractive design, unmatched versatility, driving exhilaration, social responsibility, and value in one neatly wrapped package.

The MDX is powered by a 3.5-liter, V-6 engine, tuned to deliver an outstanding 265 peak horsepower at 5800 rpm and 253 lbs-ft of torque between 3500 and 5000 rpm. Providing V-8-like power, this engine is coupled to a compact 5-speed automatic transmission and a drive-by-wire throttle system (DBW) that deliver precise shifts and reduced shift shock. The MDX's standard VTM-4 four-wheel drive system works seamlessly with the DBW and the standard Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system to enhance performance on low traction surfaces, and enhance stability in all conditions.

The MDX's 4500-pound boat towing package (3500-pound for trailers) was achieved by tuning the powertrain and chassis systems to manage heavy loads with confidence. This vehicle's wider-than-normal stance, high-torque engine, wide-ratio 5-speed automatic transmission, and powerful brakes yield a highly competent tow vehicle.


A pillar of the Acura development approach is that the driver's seat should be the most rewarding seat in the vehicle. With this in mind, the development team groomed the MDX to behave like a sports sedan when driven in an assertive manner. The starting point is a 3.5-liter SOHC V-6 engine that combines a remarkably broad range of torque - 253 lbs-ft between 3500 and 5000 rpm - witha potent 265 horsepower at 5800 rpm. Factor in a wide-ratio, 5-speed automatic transmission and a sensible curb weight achieved by the shrewd use of high-strength materials, and MDX posts outstanding acceleration performance.

Acknowledging that ordinary SUVs feel clumsy and cumbersome, extra effort was invested in making sure that the MDX provides driving exhilaration consistent with Acura standards. Chassis systems and the power-to-weight ratio are optimized for all-around performance.

The 2005 MDX features 4-channel Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) that has been enhanced with active yaw control for increased driver control during accident avoidance maneuvers, aggressive cornering and inclement weather. The VSA system monitors lateral (cornering) stability and seamlessly integrates traction control, 4-wheel drive, Anti-lock braking, throttle control and stability control functions.

Demanding drivers expect a vehicle's braking system to match its acceleration- and MDX measures up to that task as well. To provide short stopping distances, high fade resistance, and a reassuring pedal feel, the MDX's four-wheel disc braking system uses large-diameter rotors, extra-rigid calipers and dual-piston front calipers. The 4-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) features electronic distribution of brake forces for optimum use of the traction available at each corner of the vehicle, and new for 2005, Brake Assist. The result is responsive braking performance for short stopping distances with a confident pedal feel.

Excellent handling begins with getting the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics right from the start. A wide track maximizes stability and cornering grip, so MDX has the widest track in its class. The MDX design was tuned to achieve the best possible maneuverability and helps to minimize the cumbersome feeling that plagues most truck-based SUVs.

To overcome the usual ride-versus-handling compromises, engineers incorporated front and rear subframes to isolate road noise and driveline vibration from the passenger compartment, along with independent front and rear suspension systems with extra wheel travel and fine-tuned suspension geometry. Low roll centers combined with large stabilizer bars provide progressive, predictable cornering response and excellent stability at the limit of adhesion. Lightweight
materials - such as aluminum castings for all major driveline components and extensive use of high strength steel unit body components - give MDX an overall agile feeling.


The theme of versatility was applied to each area of development, from exterior and interior styling to powertrain to chassis design and the many performance targets. From the inside out, MDX offers many options to the driver and passengers including the potential for six seating configurations from the split and folding second and third-row seats.

The options don't end there however, as the powertrain is tuned for optimum performance in virtually any condition the driver is likely to encounter. Key to this is an engine that is powerful, fuel efficient and low in emissions - with a broad range of torque and horsepower. Likewise, the 5-speed transmission offers one of the widest overall gear ratio ranges in the segment, ensuring that engine speeds are matched as closely as possible to the demands of the driving conditions at any time.

MDX's unit body construction provides the optimum balance of strength and rigidity while still being the most space and weight efficient construction for an SUV of this size. All suspension, steering and braking components are designed to minimize unsprung weight to improve handling precision, but are still rugged enough for medium-duty, off-road driving. For 2005, structural enhancements were made to allow all MDX models to further enhance safety.


MDX demonstrates a high degree of environmental responsibility by providing excellent fuel economy with very low exhaust emissions. Thanks in part to a high output exhaust system, and innovative fuel injectors, the MDX meets stringent LEV-2 ULEV emissions levels. Changes to the shape of the gas tank increase capacity and reduce sloshing noise while also helping the MDX meet LEV-2 Evaporative standards. The MDX's combination of 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway places it ahead of many competitive luxury SUVs in fuel economy and proves that powerful SUVs can be environmentally responsible and fuel efficient.

Safety has been an integral part of the MDX design from its inception, and an important aspect of the responsible SUV concept. To help avoid situations that could lead to a collision, MDX is engineered with the agility and maneuverability necessary to help maintain control in emergency maneuvers.

When a collision is unavoidable, MDX helps protect its occupants with a reinforced body structure and state-of-the-art occupant protection features. The MDX features front dual-stage, dual-threshold airbags, driver and front passenger side airbags and a Side Curtain Airbag system to help protect vehicle occupants from head and neck injuries in the event of a sufficient side impact. A Tire Pressure Monitoring System uses sensors in the wheels to alert the driver when tire pressure drops below 25 percent of the recommended level.


The engineers who designed the MDX tested a range of competitive SUVs to help quantify off-pavement use patterns, customer needs, and engineering targets for the MDX. Accommodating extreme off-road use can impose compromises elsewhere in the vehicle, such as added weight, awkward entry and egress, poor fuel economy, and reduced on-road performance. With this in mind, the MDX team visited nine off-road parks in California, Nevada, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Michigan to study SUVs in their natural, off-road habitat. While a few competitors offer the extra ground clearance, driveline equipment, and chassis hardware necessary to support ambitious off road excursions, the engineers learned that few customers use these extreme capabilities regularly.

After observing casual off-roaders, MDX engineers concluded that surpassing the class's most capable off-road machine was not in MDX's best interests and that a medium-duty off-road capability was most consistent with the philosophy embraced by the MDX. Medium-duty capability would readily support trips into the wilderness for camping or to launch a boat without providing the rigorous equipment needed to conquer the extremes of the Rubicon Trail.

To define exactly what constitutes medium-duty off-road capability, the MDX engineering team selected 14 key performance criteria based on observations of casual off-road adventurers. They then constructed special test courses at their R&D facilities in North America to assure that MDX delivers all the intended capabilities with impeccable reliability and durability.

The list of test courses includes:

    * 30-degree dirt hill
    * Sand hill
    * Water pit
    * Rock roads
    * Embedded log course
    * Step-up, step-down
    * Sand drag strip
    * Gully course
    * Ground contact course
    * Washboard road
    * Frame twister
    * Power hop hill (23-degree slope with rippled surface)
    * Gravel road
    * Startable grade

Numerous engineering changes were based on experiences gained in testing. These included:

    * A deeper oil pan was included to meet the hill climbing criteria.
    * A more effective air filter was specified to remove dust from the engine's air supply.
    * The tow hooks were upgraded to handle loads imposed during extraction from "stuck vehicle" situations.
    * Waterproofing was added to support MDX's ability to traverse up to18-inch-deep bodies of water.
    * Throttle actuation was calibrated to provide more sensitive control over engine output at low speeds.

For an acid test, engineers took prototype vehicles for a 200-mile off-road test on the Mojave Trail located in Southern California. This gauntlet of loose rocks, sandy washes, twisting grades, and narrow escarpments helped ensure that MDX has what it takes to venture off road and home again with confidence.

The results speak for themselves - MDX will climb a 31-degree (60-percent) paved slope with a two-passenger load. It has eight inches of ground clearance,a 28-degree approach angle, a 21-degree departure angle, and a 21-degree breakover angle for negotiating rough terrain. It can claw up a 28-degree (53-percent) dirt slope from a dead stop.


One of the reasons people buy SUVs is to be able to haul pop-up campers, medium-sized boats, and recreational vehicle trailers. To understand this facet of the MDX's makeup, MDX engineers polled focus groups and studied survey results that tapped 200,000 households. Their findings offered the insights needed to properly outfit the MDX to surpass the towing expectations of most customers.

Ultimately, the engineers concluded that a casual or weekend towing capability was most appropriate for MDX. Customer feedback helped set the towing limit at 4500 pounds for boats and 3500 pounds for other types of trailers. A heavier load is acceptable with boats because their pointed bow shapes impose less aerodynamic drag on the towing vehicle than a slab-faced, square-cornered trailer. The 3500/4500-pound rating is calculated to include up to four passengers and their cargo.


The MDX is equipped with an advanced 4-wheel drive system - VTM-4. The VTM-4 system consists of a pair of computer controlled wet clutches in the rear axle that work to maintain traction in all types of conditions.

Unlike other on-demand 4-wheel drive systems, MDX doesn't wait for slippage to occur before going to work. Instead, torque is proactively delivered to the rear wheels in proportion to forward acceleration to supplement front-wheel drive. This innovative, proactive approach pays two dividends: on dry pavement, there's less likelihood of torque steer (a tendency for propulsion forces to tug at the steering and nudge the vehicle off line) and there is more front tire adhesion available for cornering. In snow or wet conditions, automatic and proactive all-wheel drive gets the vehicle moving from a standstill with less chance of wheelspin.

If conditions are really slippery and wheel spin is unavoidable, VTM-4 instantly reacts by adding rear-wheel torque in proportion to both the slippage and the rate of increase of slippage. This enhances performance on low traction surfaces and also improves steering trace and feel during acceleration. In addition, the new VSA system further enhances traction in different conditions by providinga limited-slip differential effect for the front wheels.

A special lock mode is also provided to help extract the vehicle from a stuck condition. To use this get-out-of-a-snowbank capability, the driver moves the shift lever to first, second or reverse and presses the VTM-4 lock button on the dash. With the lock mode engaged, VTM-4 "locks" the rear axle to provide maximum power transfer to each rear wheel. As speed increases above six mph, the system automatically reduces the lock effect to the rear axle. By 18 mph, the system reverts to normal mode.


While studying competitive vehicles and the SUV marketplace, the MDX development team discovered that a well-designed product could be an effective defense against some of the frustrating rituals of the coldest months of the year. Based on that insight, members of the MDX development team that had grown up in northern parts of the U.S. drew on their personal backgrounds to formulate a clever "defeat winter" objective for MDX - consisting of a long list of designed-in features and systems designed to provide superior cold-weather performance. The result is that MDX can be a major confidence builder for those faced with driving through severe winter road conditions.

The MDX's winter-beating tactics begin with a chassis engineered for excellent dynamics on wet, icy, or snowy pavement, the VTM-4 all-wheel-drive system and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). Various other chassis details are also engineered with a priority on winter driving. MDX's Goodyear and Michelin tires are compounded with silica to enhance ice and snow traction at cold temperatures. Testing has demonstrated that the grip of these tires is superior to many of the snow tires currently on the market. MDX's front suspension has a very low scrub radius so that braking on split-friction surfaces (such as when one side of the vehicle is on ice and the other side is on dry pavement) does not tend to pull the vehicle in one direction or the other.

Total roll stiffness is equitably distributed so that cornering response is linear and predictable even at low lateral Gs experienced during slippery conditions. The driveline is designed to provide natural and neutral handling response on snow and ice. With a static ground clearance of 8 inches, MDX is unlikely to get mired in snow drifts. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is equipped with electronic brake-force distribution and four channels to provide maximum steering control even when traction varies dramatically from wheel to wheel. To preserve lateral stability, the rear brakes are programmed with a select-low strategy to modulate line pressure at both rear wheels as soon as either one approaches lock-up.

Features and amenities included as MDX standard equipment further enhance its winter-driving prowess. The rear heater is electronically linked to the operation of the front heater to speed warm up after a cold start and heat is ducted to all seating positions.

Electrically heated front seats and window defoggers are standard. Rear splash guards are provided to deflect slush and stones away from the side of the vehicle. Extra seals positioned at the bottom of the doors keep mud and slush from building up on lower surfaces that are likely to contact long coats, pant legs or dresses. Likewise, the windshield molding and the outside rearview mirror mounting trim are shaped to guide moisture flow away from the side windows for optimum foul-weather visibility. Door-mounted rearview mirrors are electrically heated to clear frost and fog.

MDX models equipped with the Touring Package are equipped with rain-sensing windshield wipers that, when in automatic mode, adjust wiper speed to correspond to the amount of rain that is contacting the windshield. The windshield washer reservoir is a large 1.2 gallons for a generous supply of washer fluid, and an indicator light advises the driver when it's time to replenish that fluid. Washer nozzles are engineered for optimum performance with a fluidic design in front and a jet-type sprayer in back. Since remote keyless entry is standard equipment on MDX, owners will not be kept from entering their vehicle by a frozen lock cylinder.

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Japanese car photos, ACURA  pictures, wallpapers

2013 TOYOTA Land Cruiser insurance information, car photos

2013 TOYOTA Land Cruiser
Japanese car photos, TOYOTA pictures, wallpapers
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2013 TOYOTA Land Cruiser

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Toyota Land Cruiser

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser recently celebrated its 60th anniversary since its original launch in Japan and has remained constant in Toyota's U.S. model lineup for more than 50 years.

Toyota Land Cruiser has evolved over time from a basic four-wheel-drive utility vehicle in its early years to an upscale eight-passenger sport utility vehicle (SUV) sold in 188 countries. Yet, this iconic vehicle has retained a loyal following as it remains true to its off-road heritage with uncompromising go-anywhere capability.

For the 2013 model year, Land Cruiser receives exterior and interior styling enhancements. Additionally, Land Cruiser will now come with all features as standard equipment, including new driving performance features, and an array of significant safety and convenience features. Among the many popular features that were formerly available as options, but are now standard, are rear-seat DVD entertainment system, color-keyed rear spoiler, rain-sensing windshield wipers, center-console cooler box, headlamp cleaners, leather-trimmed steering wheel, multi-information display, voice and Bluetooth® hands-free controls, leather-trimmed shift lever and heated second row seats. Toyota's Premium Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation with Entune multi-media system and JBL® audio is also standard.

Exterior Design

The 2013 Land Cruiser receives refreshed exterior styling that includes an updated front grille and headlamps with HID low-beams. Additional new features include LED Daytime Running Lights, chrome side molding, redesigned outer side mirrors and tail lamps. The design continues to convey an "Advanced and Rugged" theme with enlarged front and rear fenders. The new grille and headlamps maintain Toyota Land Cruiser's steady and confident appearance, while the hood flows gracefully into the grille and beltlines.

Character lines in the front, the area around the rear door handles, and the back door panels suggest strength. Foam-filled A-pillars and a "bifacial" molding between the windshield and the body both help reduce wind noise.

Underbody panels behind the front bumper and extending under the engine, and behind the rear wheels, are designed to protect the engine and transmission and to help the vehicle traverse rocky terrain smoothly. These underbody panels also smooth the airflow under the vehicle to help minimize drag and turbulence.

Toyota Land Cruiser is available in seven exterior colors, including Pearl White, which is new to the palette. Additional colors include Classic Silver Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Salsa Red Pearl, Sonora Gold Pearl, Amazon Green Metallic and Black.

Interior Design

Complementing the freshened exterior, Toyota Land Cruiser receives an updated interior available in either Sandstone or Black. Additional refinements include perforated leather trim with ventilated front seats, a higher gloss wood grain finish, brighter silver instrument panel ornamentation, chrome-plated air registers and updated meter-cluster lighting. New interior convenience features include a Multi-terrain Monitor with front, side or rear selectable views; a new Multi-information Display; an Eco Driving Indicator light and zone display; a heated steering wheel; Dynamic Radar Cruise Control; an additional power outlet (DC 12V) at the rear of the center console; and a rear cargo deck power outlet that has been changed to AC 120V from AC 115V.

Land Cruiser seats up to eight, with three-across seating in the second and third rows. The instrument panel features a set of bright Optitron gauges with white illumination. Beneath these gauges, a multi-informational display shows gear selection, odometer, tripmeter, fuel consumption, individual tire pressures and cruising range. The vehicle's center console features a gate-type shifter with sequential-shift-mode operation, the parking brake, center-console cooler box, USB port and cup holders.

The passenger-side second-row seat features a one-touch tumble mechanism for easier third-row ingress and egress. The second-row seats slide forward and aft 4.1 inches for more passenger comfort and cargo storage versatility. The second row also provides the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) child seat attachment system.


The Toyota Land Cruiser's 5.7-liter V8 DOHC engine produces 381 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 401 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm. Ninety percent of peak torque is available at just 2,200 rpm, helping make it an outstanding tow vehicle. The Land Cruiser uses regular-grade (87 AKI) gasoline and is ULEV-II certified.

The V8's advanced dual independent Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) system controls valve timing and overlap on both the intake and exhaust valves, which helps to optimize power, fuel efficiency and emissions. The Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS) switches the length of the intake tract in two stages, based on RPM and throttle angle, to improve torque across the engine speed range. Stainless steel exhaust manifolds flow into a full stainless steel exhaust system. A water-cooled oil cooler helps control oil temperature while towing.

The Toyota Land Cruiser's six-speed automatic transmission is designed to handle high torque while performing with luxurious smoothness. Fourth gear is direct drive, and both fifth and sixth gears are overdrive ratios. The transmission's control unit estimates road conditions to select the appropriate gear ratio for the vehicle's speed and driving conditions. A sequential shift mode allows the driver to select gears manually.

Capability, Handling and Ride

The Land Cruiser's body-on-frame construction provides rugged durability in extreme driving conditions, plus impressive towing capability and ride isolation characteristics. The front of the frame features a three-stage crush structure, so frame damage to other areas of the vehicle is minimized in the case of frontal impact.

The Land Cruiser's high-mount double-wishbone front-suspension system uses gas-pressure shock absorbers, a hollow stabilizer bar, and coil springs. This system provides a high level of off-road driving capability and suspension control while maintaining outstanding on-road driving comfort. Approach and departure angles are 30 degrees and 20 degrees, respectively. At the rear, the reliable and proven four-link, coil-spring with lateral-rod format provides a long suspension stroke and also features gas-pressure shock absorbers and a hollow stabilizer bar.

The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) adjusts the lean resistance provided by the front and rear stabilizer bars. KDSS may reduce maximum body-sway angle by as much as 50 percent to help enhance both on-road handling response and off-highway capability. By using hydraulic cylinders acting on each stabilizer bar and linked by a pressure-sensing valve, KDSS reduces the degree of sway stiffness provided by the stabilizer bars in response to changing road conditions and driver inputs.

In off-road driving situations, KDSS allows the wheels on each axle to move with a larger degree of side-to-side independence, helping to minimize any tendency for wheel lift. During cornering, when both front and rear cylinders are compressed, no fluid is flowing in the system, and the stabilizer bars work conventionally to help reduce body lean. When an uneven surface is encountered, one compressed cylinder causes fluid to flow between the front and rear cylinders, allowing the stabilizer bars to move freely. This action increases wheel articulation and travel, and it also helps to equalize wheel loading. By allowing the stabilizer bars to disengage in certain situations, the nominal stiffness of the bars can be notably increased, thereby reducing body lean and improving handling without negatively affecting ride comfort or off-road performance.

New on Land Cruiser is a Multi-terrain Select system that dials in wheel slip control to match the terrain. In loose terrain such as mud and sand, more-than-normal wheel slip is permitted, allowing wheel-spin to work in the vehicle's favor. On bumpy moguls, or solid rock, wheel slip is minimized and the system acts more like a limited slip differential. The Mogul setting is for any extremely uneven terrain, such as V-ditches, slopes, and ridges, uphill or down.

Toyota Land Cruiser rides on P285/60 R18 mud-and-snow steel-belted radial tires mounted on new 18 x 8.0-inch aluminum alloy wheels with a high-gloss finish (including a full-size spare). The brake system employs 13.4-inch ventilated discs with four-piston calipers up front and 13.6-inch ventilated discs at the rear. Variable gear ratio power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering requires just 3.1 turns lock-to-lock. Gear ratio is set larger around the steering center and smaller around the end position.

The lightweight, compact transfer case provides full-time four-wheel drive with a low-range 2.618:1 ratio for traversing challenging driving surfaces, such as steep inclines. The system uses a TORSEN® limited-slip locking center differential to distribute power 40:60 front-to-rear, directing more power to the wheels with the best grip should slippage occur. Traction control (TRAC) employs both brake and throttle intervention to help control wheel spin. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), with a cut-off switch, helps maintain directional control during cornering.

A new five-speed CRAWL Control with an Off-Road Turn Assist feature helps make traversing difficult terrain easier. With the transfer case shifted into low range, CRAWL Control regulates engine speed and output (along with braking force), to propel the vehicle forward or in reverse at one of five low-speed settings. This allows the driver to maintain focus on steering over extremely rough level ground or steep grades, without having to also modulate the throttle or brake pedals. The Off-Road Turn Assist feature pulses the rear corner brakes to help the vehicle make sharper turns when maneuvering through tight quarters on rugged terrain. CRAWL Control with Off-Road Turn Assist includes Downhill Assist Control (DAC), which is designed to augment the low-speed descending ability of low-range by helping to hold the vehicle to a target speed with practically no driver intervention. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) provides additional control for off-road driving by helping to keep the vehicle stationary while starting on a steep incline or slippery surface.

For towing convenience, the Land Cruiser has a towing connector and sub-wiring harness to connect a commercial trailer-brake controller. New for Land Cruiser is a Trailer Sway Control that uses the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) to help counteract handling forces applied to the truck in an effort to minimize the impact of trailer sway.


The Toyota Land Cruiser utilizes welded high-strength sheet steel, especially in the A-, B-, C- and D-pillars, and in the rocker area to increase rigidity and reduce weight. The B-pillars are designed to help absorb side impacts and help dissipate into the rest of the body structure.

For driver and passenger peace-of-mind every Land Cruiser is equipped with the Safety Connect™ telematics system.

Available by subscription (first year of service is included in the new vehicle purchase price), the Safety Connect telematics system offers four safety and security features: Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency Assistance Button (SOS), and enhanced Roadside Assistance, which adds GPS data to the already-included warranty-based Toyota roadside service.

In case of either airbag deployment or severe rear-end collision; Automatic Collision Notification is designed to automatically call the response center. If the response agent cannot communicate with the occupants, the agent can contact the nearest emergency-services provider to dispatch assistance.

Pushing the "SOS" button can summon help in an emergency and for a wide range of roadside assistance needs. If a Land Cruiser equipped with Safety Connect is stolen, the system can help local authorities locate it.

Like all Toyotas, the Land Cruiser comes standard with the STAR Safety System™. A new, four-wheel multi-terrain anti-lock braking system (ABS) automatically selects the optimal ABS profile to provide the most suitable brake force for on- and off-road driving surfaces. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) balances braking forces between the front and rear brakes, while Brake Assist (BA) provides auxiliary force to assist the driver during emergency braking. Active Traction Control (A-TRAC) helps maintain traction during acceleration by controlling engine output and braking forces to the wheel, distributing the drive force that might have been lost to the wheels and tires that have traction. VSC (with a cut-off switch) helps maintain directional control during cornering by manipulating engine torque and individual wheel-braking influence if it detects tire slippage.

Toyota Land Cruiser features 10 standards airbags: driver and front passenger dual-stage advanced airbags; driver and front passenger knee airbags; front- and second-row seat-mounted side airbags; and three-row roll-sensing side curtain airbags with a roll-sensing cutoff switch.

A direct tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) helps to alert the driver to severe pressure drops in any of the tires, including the full-size spare. A parking sonar system uses ultrasonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers to sense obstacles.

All eight seating positions feature three-point seatbelts. Active headrests on the driver and front passenger seats move up and forward almost instantly in the event of certain rear-end collisions to help reduce the distance between the occupant's head and the headrest. An available advanced seatbelt system is designed to retract the front seatbelts when the brakes are suddenly applied or when tire slippage is detected by the VSC system. New for Land Cruiser is a Pre-Collision System designed to detect other vehicles and obstacles in its path and help optimize the restraining performance of the front passenger seatbelts if a collision is imminent.


Toyota Land Cruiser will come standard with Toyota's new Premium HDD Navigation system with Entune™ and JBL®. The system includes an eight-inch touch/spilt-screen with an integrated backup camera display, AM/FM CD player with MP3/WMA playback capability, 14 JBL speakers including subwoofer, SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio capability (includes three-month trial subscription to XM Select Package); HD Radio™ with iTunes® Tagging, USB port with iPod® connectivity and control, vehicle information, hands-free phone capability, phone book access, advanced voice recognition, and music streaming via Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Toyota's new Entune multimedia system leverages the mobile smartphone to provide a richer in-vehicle experience with fully integrated access to navigation, entertainment and information services.

Toyota Entune debuts the Land Cruiser's first-ever support for engaging mobile apps, such as Bing, OpenTable, and, along with accessing useful travel-related services, such as live weather, traffic, fuel information (location and price), stocks, and sports. Entune brings one of the largest selection of music options available to a vehicle, including iHeartRadio's 750+ stations, and Pandora's personalized music service (access to Entune services is complimentary for three years).

The audio systems combined with Entune feature an advanced conversational voice recognition system that helps the driver to stay focused on the road by eliminating the need to memorize thousands of voice commands.

Comfort and Convenience

With 28 total air vents, the four-zone climate control system is designed to bathe occupants in comfortable air -- even during extreme heat -- rather than simply projecting streams of cool air at them. For extreme cold situations, the Toyota Land Cruiser's auxiliary Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater warms air instantly by passing it over an electrically heated ceramic element. The system also includes a micro-dust and pollen filter, and seven-level blower control.

The Land Cruiser comes luxuriously equipped, with standard features that include rear privacy glass, Smart Key keyless entry with push-button start that allows the driver to unlock or start the vehicle without inserting a conventional key; anti-theft security system; engine immobilizer; cruise control; power moonroof; auto-dimming rearview and side mirrors; HomeLink® universal garage-door/gate opening system; steering wheel-mounted audio controls; heated, power front seats with driver's memory; and power tilt and telescopic steering column with memory.

Limited Warranty

Toyota's 36-month/36,000 mile basic new-vehicle warranty applies to all components other than normal wear and maintenance items. Additional 60-month warranties cover the powertrain for 60,000 miles and corrosion with no mileage limitation. Toyota dealers have complete details on the limited warranty.

The Toyota Land Cruiser will also come standard with Toyota Care, a complimentary plan covering normal factory-scheduled maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

ACURA TL with ASPEC Performance Package 2004

2004 ACURA TL with ASPEC Performance Package
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2004 ACURA TL with ASPEC Performance Package
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Acura TL with ASPEC Performance Package

The most recent addition to the Acura A-SPEC performance lineup is the 2004 TL. Acura's top-selling model features hot new styling, a more powerful 270 horsepower V-6 engine, a sport-tuned suspension, and 17-inch wheels and tires. A close ratio 6-speed manual transmission is available (a first for TL) and all TLs equipped with the 6-speed also feature Brembo front brakes. Inside, the TL features the automotive industry's first application of a standard DVD-Audio 5.1 surround sound system as well as a Bluetooth-enabled hands-free phone system called HandsFreeLinkTM.

The A-SPEC performance package for the TL is scheduled to go on sale this November at Acura dealers nationwide. It includes a suspension package with track-tuned shocks and springs, 18-inch wheels and tires, high performance brake pads for automatic transmission-equipped models, an aero kit, and a deck lid spoiler (or rear wing) as well as Acura A-SPEC badging. While an MSRP for the Acura TL A-SPEC performance package has not been announced, it will cost approximately $5,000 plus dealer installation.

Chassis/Suspension Modifications
+ A-SPEC suspension (track-tuned shocks and springs)
+ High performance brake pads (automatic transmission cars)
+ 18x8.5 alloy wheels
+ Yokohama AVS ES100 235/40-R18 95W tires

Exterior Modifications
+ A-SPEC deck lid (or rear wing) spoiler
+ A-SPEC aero kit

Interior Modifications
+ A-SPEC steering wheel
+ A-SPEC badgingecycled materials
+ CARB LEV-2 emissions certified

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2013 Toyota Avalon Japanese car photos

2013 Toyota Avalon
Japanese car photos, TOYOTA pictures, wallpapers
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2013 Toyota Avalon
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Toyota Avalon

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. revealed the all-new 2013 Avalon premium mid-size sedan at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. The new Toyota Avalon is re-conceived for the premium mid-size sedan segment with a progressive and emotionally styled exterior design.

When it arrives to dealerships in late 2012, the new Avalon will offer improved dynamic performance, a greater degree of refinement, and a highly spacious, comfortable interior experience with an abundance of outstanding convenience technologies.

The new 2013 Toyota Avalon is the result of a North American-focused design and engineering effort. The new sedan's dramatic exterior and interior design was conceived by a youthful and talented team at the Calty Design Research Inc. facilities in Southern California and Michigan. The car's engineering development was principally led by a passionate and dedicated group based at Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Mich. Continuing a North American focused theme, the 2013 Avalon will be assembled at Toyota's facility in Georgetown, Ky. True to the future product mission set forth by Toyota Motor Corporation President, Akio Toyoda, the new Avalon's more stylish, bold, sporty exterior design and luxurious interior styling are matched by an enhanced dynamic package, a combination that foreshadows the more compelling and passionate nature of future Toyota products.

Enhanced Avalon Dynamics

In addition to its stunning design, numerous structural and chassis improvements were made to the new Toyota Avalon to enhance the ride quality, straight-line stability and handling. The body structure gains improvements in torsional rigidity thanks to additional and strategically placed welds, improved body bracing, and high-strength steel in key areas in order to provide a stiffer chassis and optimize suspension performance. The new Avalon suspension relies on MacPherson struts with advanced valving and rebound springs to balance handling and agility with ride comfort. Coil spring rate and front and rear sway bar stiffness was increased from the current model to help improve body control and body roll. The Avalon's electric power steering (EPS) system has been tuned to help deliver enhanced controllability and vehicle agility while also realizing superior linear stability.

The new Toyota Avalon offers three distinct drive modes that help tailor dynamic performance to the driver's needs. The drive modes - Normal, Eco, and Sport -are made available through driver-selectable switches. In Sport mode, throttle response is enhanced and steering effort is weighted from center to offer a sportier character. Eco changes throttle response and A/C power usage to help improve fuel economy. Steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters help provide a sportier drive while in the D or S Mode, where the revised throttle helps improve shift response to help maximize engine power and vehicle performance.

Dynamic Exterior Styling

The new Avalon's dynamic exterior styling defines a sleek and expressive profile that helps communicate a sense of motion for the vehicle even when it is at rest. The beltline has been lowered to accentuate a strong stance. Compared to its predecessor, the new Avalon is a bit more compact yet displays better proportions with a longer, sloping roofline, flared front fenders, and reduced front and rear overhangs, lower vehicle height, and reduced body-to-tire gap. New 17-inch and 18-inch alloy wheel and tire combinations fill the wheel well to enhance the vehicle's dynamic exterior expression.

Key exterior design elements include the square Double-eye PES (Projector Ellipsoid System) headlamps with HID (High-Intensity Discharge)and elegant DRL (Daytime Running Lights) feature available that provide excellent night time visibility while helping define a narrower, more taut and muscular exterior expression. A wider, more assertive grille design provides a bolder front perspective. At the rear, high-performance LED combination tail lamps are adopted which are more integrated with the revised rear-body styling. The dual rear tailpipe outlets further the more cohesive design theme.

Modern Interior Experience

Design elements enhancing comfort, convenience and technology help create the luxurious experience that will prove tempting to buyers of the next Avalon. The 2013 Toyota Avalon offers a modern, spacious, premium interior highlighted by abundant rear seat legroom, while featuring a myriad of available features. Beyond mere dimensions, the new Avalon's interior design enhances the cabin's sense of spaciousness and comfort. The front seat's hip point has been lowered by 10 millimeters (0.4 inches) to help create improved headroom. The new power front seat design with increased side bolstering is more supportive and offers an expanded range of downward adjustment. In addition, the structural components of the sunroof and the headliner design have been optimized to help increase the cabin's roominess. A concave dash panel design, located in front of the passenger, helps create an expansive feeling. While the rear overhang has been reduced by 1.7 inches, the luggage compartment capacity is 16.0 cubic feet, an increase of 1.6 cubic feet as compared to the outgoing model.

The Toyota Avalon's premium interior attains a high level of refinement by reducing wind, engine and road noise inside the cabin. The resultant interior is even significantly quieter and more comfortable than the current Avalon and it creates an ideal environment to enjoy conversation, music or Toyota's available multimedia system, Entune™. Sound absorbing materials have been strategically placed around the cabin and body structure while not inhibiting a reduction in overall vehicle weight. The windshield and front side-glass panels utilize acoustic glass that helps control sound intrusion into the cabin. Reductions in wind noise have been realized by optimizing exterior shape, specifically cowl and louver sealing, outer mirror shape and position, and wiper-blade position, which have all been developed to dramatically reduce wind noise generation. Exterior gaps and steps have also been minimized to reduce wind noise around the door glass areas.

The new Avalon's interior utilizes premium materials and a high degree of craftsmanship to offer an upscale experience. Rich, supple leather trims the steering wheel, shift knob, and seat upholstery helping add visual and tactile appeal. Hand-crafted, decorative stitching is adopted for the steering wheel, and soft-touch materials on the dash panel and door trim elevate the vehicle's sense of tactile luxury. Smoked chrome-metallic accents are applied to the instrument panel, center console, door panel, and steering wheel surfaces to help add distinction and exceptional feel. Available push-button controlled soft white ambient lighting illuminates key regions of the interior to help convey the sense of luxury. The new Avalon's center console includes a convenient console tray that is ideal for the storage of electronic hand held devices. The new Avalon's console area is equipped with a USB port, AUX input terminal and three 12-volt power outlets to help facilitate device interface and charging.

The new Toyota Avalon will offer innovative technologies such as advanced capacitive touch switches with positioning and sensitivity that makes them ideal for vehicle system controls. Other premium in-car technologies include three color display screens that support the multi-information display, the audio/navigation interface, and the climate control panel. An easy to use Display Audio system with 6.1 inch touchscreen is standard on the new Avalon; while a JBL Synthesis Premium Audio system, HDD Premium Navigation with 7" screen, dynamic radar cruise control, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, and a three-zone air conditioning system are also on the list of available features and equipment.


Like all Toyota models, the new Avalon will feature Toyota's Star Safety System™ standard, which includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist, and Smart Stop Technology brake-override system.

The new Toyota Avalon helps to prioritize occupant safety with a best-in-class10 airbags system. A Pre-collision system is also available that is designed to "sense" an impending frontal collision and can help mitigate damage. A variable ratio brake pedal is adopted that varies the initial and final pedal effort ratios to help realize excellent brake pedal feel.

In addition to a rearview monitor, Toyota Avalon offers an available Blind Spot Monitoring system which is designed to help detect vehicles behind the outer mirrors and to help alert drivers in addition to a new Rear Cross Traffic Alert system (RCTA) that can alert drivers of cross traffic when they are backing up.

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